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Introducing Bamboo - a flexible platform that enables new firms to start as brands, established firms to grow and thrive and owners to sell their firms on their terms - Backed by Bamboo


We build and buy law practices, brands and firms

Bamboo is flexible

Bamboo gives you the opportunity to create your own law brand without having to start a new regulated firm yourself. 


Bamboo supports owners of established firms to focus on clients and building their firm with our unique successor approach.  



Bamboo buys law firms and enables owners to exit through the Bamboo Marketplace.


All these solutions are  Backed by Bamboo our unique, highly flexible and configurable platform. 

Enabling choice in legal services


We understand that not everyone has the knowledge, skills or time to set up a law firm on their own. Having done so or taking over an established law firm you may wish things were different. You'd like to focus on your people and culture, your brand and clients.


We can sustain flexible choices for our users to start, grow and exit their law firm and be backed by Bamboo.

You can rely on the support of SRA-regulated structures, systems, applications and the right people to help you to thrive as a law brand and realise value.  

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Who are we?


Bamboo is part of a group of companies focussed on legal services. The group has been created by a team with over 100 years’ experience in the legal and professional services sectors. We know that the practice of law needs to change. Bamboo enables a rich diversity of brands to develop in legal services while we take care of regulation, insurance, systems and the people to run your regulated business. 

Backed by Bamboo you can start, grow and realise value in your law practice on your terms.

Our brands


Lawyers of all experience and descriptions, other professionals and new entrants, have used our law firm support services to build themselves better, lower risk and financially secure law firms. Read how our brands are benefitting from being Backed by Bamboo to build their own law practices and realise value on exits

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