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Who is Bamboo for?

Bamboo is for people who want to start a law firm, have a law firm already and want to grow it or who want to sell their law firm. How do we sustain these three groups?

We give our backing - it's that simple. We want the people and firms we work with to feel supported.


So we help ambitious individuals and teams start new law brands using platform and with our backing.

We enable owners of law firms to grow while maintaining control as we deliver their regulatory and operational back office services.


We help law firm owners to retire, sell or exit their law firm with dignity and value. We'll acquire your firm with flexible terms and wherever possible keep it's name in place.

Starting Your New Law Brand

Being backed by Bamboo means both experienced lawyers and new market entrants can develop their own legal offering and create their own law brand. All without time-consuming and expensive regulatory obligations, the challenge and cost of finding professional indemnity insurance or the hassle of building and managing a back office that are involved when setting up and running a legal practice. Discover how to set up a law brand with our configurable platform.


Learn more about starting a new law brand

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Growing Your Law Firm


Whether you’re a partner in a large law firm or the principal of your own practice, we know that growing your law firm can often mean being expected to be a "Swiss Army Knife". No longer doing the work you love and distracted by the burdens of regulation, insurance renewals, choosing systems and hiring support staff.


But it doesn't have to be that way. Backed by Bamboo is our unique approach to operating a law firm with you. We can become your successor practice, provide all the support services you need and give you back your people, clients, name and goodwill to continue growing your practice.

Then when you are eventually ready to stop we can help you to realise value by acquiring your firm or accessing the Bamboo Marketplace

Learn more about how we can help you grow your law firm

Exiting Your Law Firm


It's time to retire and change the pace of your life.  There are other things you want to do. Your law practice - whether a sole practitioner, partnership or company has been your life's work. 

Bamboo's flexible approach to exit means you can plan to realise value and go at a time of your choosing. We offer a wide variety of exit routes that we can tailor to your circumstances.


We also respect that the name of your firm may be very important to you, your staff and your clients. So wherever possible we will look to retain your firm's name and associated reputation and provide a safe, stable and well supported way for your team to continue to thrive.


Learn more about how we can help you to exit your firm


Get in touch


Whether you want to know more about how to set up a law brand, strengthen your current offering with Bamboo or are looking to sell your law firm, then get in touch to learn more about the support and services we offer. Alternatively, you can learn more about our additional services here.

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