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Who is Bamboo for?

Bamboo enables law firms, lawyers, and other professionals wanting to enter the legal market to break away from traditional law firm structures and outdated partner frameworks. Bamboo gives the confidence to set up a law brand with the support of an SRA-regulated structure, comprehensive systems and applications, and the people needed to deliver the efficient operation of your back office. The platform also supports accountants and financial advisers.

Our unique law firm operating system gives both experienced lawyers and new market entrants the opportunity to develop their own legal offering and create their own law brand. All without the time-consuming and expensive regulatory obligations, the challenge and cost of finding professional indemnity insurance or the hassle of building and managing a back office that are involved when setting up and running a legal practice.


Discover how our law firm consultants can advise you on how to set up a law brand using Bamboo and our back-office support.

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New law brands


We provide a complete law firm operating system that enables lawyers to set up boutique law brands without having to spend months on set-up, sourcing and selecting systems and solutions that are SRA-regulated. Discover how to set up a law brand with our bespoke services.


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Retiring lawyers


Whether you’re a partner in a large law firm or the principal of your own practice, we know that “retiring from the partnership” provokes mixed emotions. If you’re considering retirement from partnership, but you’re keen to continue to support clients, Bamboo offers a flexible alternative that enables you to have your “name over the door”.


You can work whenever and wherever you choose, without the day-to-day hassles of managing a law firm. Leaving you to focus on what you do best. And when you really want to retire you can realise the value in your practice and go on your own terms and in your own good time.


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New entrants


You’ve got a brand people trust, so why not use it to expand your service offering. We can help turn your vision of your law brand into a reality. Find out how you can use our regulated law platform to build your own branded practice by letting Bamboo to take care of regulations and the back office. We can even help you to source the right team to represent your mission and values, so you can concentrate on building your brand and delivering legal services under a brand that is trusted. 


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Bamboo gives accountants the opportunity to offer more to their clients. You already have the established relationships with clients, but once you refer them to a lawyer, they no longer need you. Bamboo provides accountants the opportunity to leverage their brand and relationships to provide legal services, offering clients a fuller range of services with a brand they already trust. Learn more about how we can support your move into law and supply the expertise and SRA structure you’ll need to help make your new legal services brand a success.  


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Financial advisers


Financial advisers are an asset to lawyers, because they often generate fee earning work for them! You’re at the heart of your clients’ financial planning and provide the invaluable advice and guidance they need to protect their business and assets. Often legal advice or documents will be needed to support your recommendations and so you introduce a solicitor. But what if you could provide everything for your clients under your own management and branding? Bamboo allows you to offer complementary legal services, adding value to your existing financial advisory offering. Find out more about how Bamboo will benefit your business.


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Overseas law firms


Wherever you are an established law firm anywhere in the world, opening a regulated operation in a new jurisdiction can be expensive, confusing and time-consuming. So the barriers to entry and lack of knowledge get in the way of your plans to extend your brand internationally.  


Bamboo provides a platform that can be operational quickly so you can test the market without delay and deploy your brand safely and efficiently. We provide access to an SRA structure and processes to ensure your brand is compliant with the rules and the laws in England and Wales.


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Established law firms


Is your law firm ready for the next step? In an ever-changing, competitive sector we know how important it is to adjust and adapt to those changing market conditions. But what happens if you need to change shape or to segment your client base to maximise profit? We can help you to benefit from your existing relationships and set up multi-channel business structures, easily adaptable for the new world order.  


Discover how we can support you to review your strategy or establish another channel aligned to your strategy

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