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Bringing your law brand to the UK
Backed by Bamboo

Setting up a law firm in the UK isn’t as straight-forward as it might be in your own country. Not only are the laws in England and Wales different, but you might be unfamiliar with the local requirements and regulations, or basic questions like what systems lawyers in the UK use.

This is where Bamboo can assist. If you have an established law firm in your country and you’re considering setting up a law firm, branch or division in the UK, Bamboo can help make it happen.

How to set up a law firm in the UK with Bamboo 

Find out what resources you need

Bamboo enables you to establish your law firm brand quickly and compliantly in the UK, without the costs, risk and delays of navigating unfamiliar territory. Our white-label regulated law firm operating system is a platform that supports you to resource your business, providing an efficient back office, robust IT platform and regulatory compliance.

Make sure you’re complying with UK laws

When setting up a law firm in the UK, you need to make sure you are delivering legal services that meet industry standards. Not only does Bamboo provide access to an SRA-regulated structure, but our advisers can help guide you on the legal structure and form your local company for you. From there we can configure Bamboo to fit your strategic plan in line with UK laws and regulations. 

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Why choose Bamboo?

We’re flexible

Bamboo is completely flexible and can be moulded to fit with your strategy. Whether you’re establishing a new UK brand or setting up a law firm in the UK, Bamboo has been designed to either work right of out of the box, or can be configured to precisely fit in with your firm, your team and your clients. From providing our law firm operating system our platform can be augmented by a range of additional services as part of your go live project. 

With access to an SRA-regulated structure we assume the regulatory risk for you

Bamboo provides access to an SRA regulated structure, which means your firm will be compliant with the relevant regulations, giving you and your clients peace of mind.  Our Business Quality approach means that you can demonstrate high standards to your clients.

We’re experts in UK law

As thought leaders and industry experts, we’re best placed to give advice on setting up a law firm in the UK. We have significant experience of setting up law firms and managing professional services firms in the UK and internationally. We know what resources you need to get your law firm off the ground and we’re also confident in our knowledge of laws and regulations so you can navigate them safely with our help.

Need help setting up your new branch?


Whether you’re planning on setting up a new local brand or a new UK branch to advise on English Law, we can help you build further success in the UK market. Get in touch today to speak to our advisers about how we can support your move.

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