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Setting Up A New Law Firm

As a new law firm, it’s likely that you A. don’t have the time to manage the ins and outs of a regulated business on top of delivering expert legal services, and B. you don’t have the skills or finances required to ensure your business’ operations are up to date and compliant. There is a high opportunity cost in being distracted from what you love and do best – advising clients about the law!

At Bamboo, we have the platform, knowledge and tools to help lawyers and new entrants make setting up a new law firm a success by providing an efficient, scalable and adaptable back office system through our law firm operating system.


We build law firms, so you don’t have to. Bamboo provides you with a complete law firm operating system when setting up a new law firm, so that you have all the essentials to get your practice off the ground, leaving you with the time to focus on delivering exceptional legal services to your clients.


If you are an individual lawyer who wants to climb the legal ladder but doesn’t want to wait until the right position comes along or to borrow a large sum to buy into the equity and an uncertain future, or a group of like-minded lawyers who don’t have the finance or time to take the leap, then read on to find out how Bamboo can help you set up a new law firm brand of your own. 

How we support new law firms

Bamboo provides lawyers with everything they need to set up a new law firm. Our regulated back-office outsourcing solutions ensure that new law firms have the skills and applications so that they are compliant and can deliver their legal services efficiently and effectively. From handling client funds to training your team, we have you covered.


We provide a regulated framework and all its support services

Out of the box, everything you need to run an SRA regulated law firm. The essentials are all provided, leaving you free to concentrate on your brand, your culture and your clients.  We take care of regulation, insurance, systems, compliance, legal cashiering for your invoicing and credit control, handling client money, SRA audits and on we go.

Bamboo+ provides you with a law brand of your own and then delivers all the back-office systems and support that you need to operate.  That leaves space for you to be creative and build your brand.  We know you may need some extras to bring your firm to life.  So we can provide a range of additional services like:

Why choose Bamboo to help start your new law firm

We save you time and money

At Bamboo, we give lawyers an opportunity to start their new law firm without having to spend months on applications, trying to get PI insurance or selecting and procuring the most appropriate systems and applications or sourcing the right people for regulated roles. We take care of all of this saving you time and money. 


We’re flexible

Bamboo is a flexible law firm operating system.  Our platform can be adapted to fit the structure of your business. We can configure Bamboo to your operating model. Alternatively, Bamboo can be set up to work right out of the box, which means you can benefit from a tried and tested operating model.

With access to an SRA-regulated structure we assume the regulatory risk for you

Bamboo provides access to an SRA regulated structure, which means your firm will be compliant with the relevant regulations, giving you and your clients peace of mind.  Our Business Quality approach means that you can demonstrate high standards to your clients.

Start Your Own Law Brand


If you are a lawyer or new market entrant thinking about setting up a new law firm, get in touch to find out how Bamboo can support you. Our team is ready to talk to you about how Bamboo can help you to build a law firm so you can build a brand and reputation quickly and efficiently.