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Starting, growing and exiting a law firm isn't easy

It's not easy to start a law firm - you need insurance and regulator approvals, people and systems. If you navigate that you'll have to keep it going while you try to grow your practice. Then when the time comes exiting or retiring can be just as hard as starting was. You may even end up needing run off insurance cover or someone to be a successor practice.

But what if there was another way to start, grow and exit from a law firm?

What we do

Bamboo works with you to build your own law brand, to grow your own law brand or to buy your law firm.  We take away all of the hassle and issues and what’s more we reduce your risks and give you freedom in how you do business and when you stop.  

Bamboo knows you want to be free to run your own practice and to advise your own clients.  You don’t really want to actually start and run a law firm.

Bamboo provides a regulated law firm infrastructure so you can concentrate on your brand, your culture and your clients.

Bamboo provides a comprehensive and customisable law firm framework enabling business owners to provide exceptional legal services to their clients without worrying about back office operations. 

Bamboo can buy your law firm or give you access to the Bamboo Marketplace to help you realise value on your terms.

Bamboo Lawyer Sitting on Steps.jpg

Bamboo makes your life easier

Here’s an idea of what you’ll have to cover if you decide on the DIY route to build or grow your law firm when compared to being powered by Bamboo.

B+ = Bamboo+ Services at an additional cost.

Need to know more?


We love building law brands and helping lawyers and law firms realise their ambitions. We are always happy to share what we know about building a law firm and see how Bamboo can help you start, grow or exit from your law firm. 

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