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ABS Law Firms and White Label Law Firms Backed by Bamboo

Bamboo develops legal services brands in the UK. The Bamboo Group owns one of the leading alternative business structures (ABS) for law firms in the UK and provides early succession, growth and exit opportunities for law firm owners.


Our white-label law firm platform enables lawyers and non-lawyers to set up a law firm using an SRA-regulated structure on their own terms and under their own brand.

What we do


Put simply we own and operate law firms and law brands and acquire them too. We help people to start a law brand, develop and grow a law firm through our unique approach to succession and to sell their law firm and exit.


Working within an ABS law firm in the UK, Bamboo enables lawyers, financial advisers, accountants, and new market entrants to set up an SRA-regulated law firm without the hassle, time, risk and cost of doing it for themselves. That approach is also available to established law firms. In all situations being powered by Bamboo means we provide a robust regulated law firm infrastructure including a full back office and IT platform to additional services like managing your payroll and recruiting your team, our framework, products, and services provide the essentials you need to build your own branded white label law firm.


Learn more about how Bamboo works

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Who is Bamboo for?

Bamboo gives both experienced lawyers and new market entrants, including businesses, accountants, sole practitioners and financial advisers, the opportunity to develop their own legal offering and create a law brand without the hassle of setting up one. 

Start a law brand powered by Bamboo

Bamboo allows existing law firms to find a successor practice but continue to trade under their own brand name, while building their income and the firm's capital value.

Grow your law firm powered by Bamboo

When it's time to sell or realise capital value, Bamboo can buy your law firm and enable you to benefit from future growth too. Flexible ways to acquire your law firm are what it means to be powered by Bamboo.

Sell or exit from your law firm

Our people


Our people are what make Bamboo different. Collectively, we are thought leaders and industry experts in the legal market, and innovators who are passionate about helping lawyers and non-lawyers to deliver their professional services efficiently and effectively. We offer our law firm operating system to build a law firm for you.  

We provide SRA-regulated structures


In addition to operating within our SRA regulated law firm operating system, the Bamboo team includes a range of experts who are or have been in regulated professional services within law, accounting and financial services.


We believe in regulatory standards and so Bamboo law firm brands operate to the highest standards, using authorised Solicitors Regulation Authority structures (SRA) in England and Wales. So you can trust that we operate under the most appropriate rules and regulations. 

We’re industry experts


With a wealth of experience in business as well as law, consulting and financial services, we have a lot of knowledge to share.


Whether it’s advising on the most suitable regulatory path for your business or the type of finance management application that will support the operation of your business, we understand the requirements needed to ensure you comply with UK laws and that your clients and firm are fully-covered and protected. 

We're here to help


We’re ready to set up and manage your law firm and share our expertise with you.


Contact us to today for more information about the support our Bamboo team provides, or to learn more about how our law firm operating system provides the back office and services to enable your new move into the legal market. 

Find out how Bamboo can support you


For more information about Bamboo and the support we provide, get in touch to speak to our team. Our advisers are on-hand to advise on what solutions and services are fit for your purpose.

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