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Bamboo FAQs

We know that you'll have questions about how Bamboo works and we've collected some frequently asked questions here.  If something you want to know isn't covered please get in touch.

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Will my business be a regulated law firm?

No, Bamboo provides you with the regulated structure. You provide the brand name.

Will we need to arrange Professional Indemnity insurance?

No, you will be covered by the PI insurance arranged by Bamboo as part of setting up your law firm, but additional extra cover can be provided if you or your clients need it.

Do I need to start my own company?

Yes, you need to be a company to contract with Bamboo to use its law firm operating system. But we can handle the incorporation and administration if you would like to use our additional services.

Can our business employ staff?

Yes. You can employ staff, but before you offer a role to them you need to advise Bamboo so we can confirm appointments of solicitors and arrange access to your platform.

Does one of our owners or directors need to be a qualified solicitor?

No. But, you must have a legally qualified manager approved by Bamboo within your team. They must be at least 3 year's qualified and hold a current practising certificate issued by the SRA or be able to apply for one. They'll be named in our agreement with you and take responsibility for the legal work done by your brand. Bamboo can provide a legal manager or help you to find one as through Bamboo+ additional services.

What's included with bamboo's law firm operating system?

You will get everything you need to operate a regulated law firm in England & Wales. We include SRA authorisation, practising certificates, professional indemnity insurance, a flexible and configurable practice management solution, Microsoft 365 applications, legal cashiering, banking and credit control, access to PLC and LexisLibrary, the ability to refer work to other colleagues in other brands that are part of the bamboo family and receive a fee share.

Does bamboo provide IT support?

Yes. Bamboo supports all of the applications that are provided on the platform to ensure they operate all the time as you expect. Through Bamboo Plus you can access hardware support and maintenance too, tailored to your needs at an additional cost.

Is there any set up cost to create my law brand using Bamboo?

Yes, we charge a project cost to create your law firm. The costs depend on the extent of bespoke configuration that you need from us. We'll be delighted to provide a price for you once we understand your ambitions.

How much does Bamboo charge to use it's law firm operating system?

We charge a monthly subscription based on the number of users of our platform and then we take a share of the income you generate. The amount we receive reduces as your income increases. We're not greedy and we want you to retain the lion's share. The largest businesses could retain up to 90%. We would be happy to work out how our charges apply to your plans. Please get in touch.