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Bamboo FAQs

We know that you'll have questions about how Bamboo works and we've collected some frequently asked questions here.  We've categorised the responses to make finding what you need as easy as possible. If something you want to know isn't covered please get in touch.

  • What does "Backed by Bamboo" mean?
    Backed by Bamboo means that you and your firm have access to the support and experience of the Bamboo team to drive your practice forward. But it's so much more than that. We have developed a configurable platform of services that support the operational needs of a regulated law firm - from practice management systems, through to legal knowledge applications, cashiering and finance experts, the compliance expertise you need, PI insurance and a range of additional services that support your practice available from Bamboo's concierge services. Whether we are helping start a new law firm, owners to develop and existing firm or those wanting an exit our aim is that you feel fully supported - backed by Bamboo.
  • Does bamboo provide IT support?
    Yes. Bamboo supports all of the applications that are provided on the platform to ensure they operate all the time as you expect. Through Bamboo Plus you can access hardware support and maintenance too, tailored to your needs at an additional cost.
  • What is the Bamboo Group?
    The Bamboo Group is Bamboo Group Holdings Limited, Carbon Funding Partners Limited, CLP Group Limited (an SRA regulated ABS law firm), Newport Land and Law Ltd (an SRA regulated ABS law firm), Hawkins Hatton Corporate Lawyers Limited (an SRA regulated ABS law firm) and Bamboo Platform Services Limited.
  • Can our business employ staff?
    Yes. You can employ staff, but before you offer a role to them you need to advise Bamboo so we can confirm appointments of solicitors and arrange access to your platform.
  • Do I need to start my own company?
    Yes, you need to be a company to contract with Bamboo to use its law firm operating system. But we can handle the incorporation and administration if you would like to use our additional services.
  • Will my business be a regulated law firm?
    No, Bamboo provides you with access to an existing SRA regulated law firm structure. You provide the brand name. That trading name is registered with the SRA.
  • Will we need to arrange Professional Indemnity insurance?
    No, you will be covered by the PI insurance arranged by Bamboo as part of setting up your law firm, but additional extra cover can be provided if you or your clients need it.
  • Does one of our owners or directors need to be a qualified solicitor?
    No. But, you must have a legally qualified manager approved by Bamboo within your team. They must be at least 3 year's qualified and hold a current practising certificate issued by the SRA or be able to apply for one. They'll be named in our agreement with you and take responsibility for the legal work done by your brand. Bamboo can provide a legal manager or help you to find one as through Bamboo+ additional services.
  • What's included with bamboo's law firm operating system?
    You will get everything you need to operate your law brand England & Wales. We include SRA authorisation from an existing regulated law firm, practising certificates, professional indemnity insurance, a flexible and configurable practice management solution, Microsoft 365 applications, legal cashiering, banking and credit control, access to PLC and LexisLibrary, the ability to refer work to other colleagues in other brands that are part of the bamboo family and receive a fee share.
  • How much does Bamboo charge to use it's law firm platform?
    For those starting a law firm or where Bamboo becomes the successor, we charge a monthly subscription based on the number of users of our platform and then we take a share of the income you generate. The amount we receive reduces as your income increases. We're not greedy and we want you to retain the lion's share. The largest businesses could retain up to 90%. We would be happy to work out how our charges apply to your plans. Please get in touch.
  • Is there any set up cost to create my law brand using Bamboo?
    Yes, we charge a project cost to create your law firm. The costs depend on the extent of bespoke configuration that you need from us. We'll be delighted to provide a price for you once we understand your ambitions.
  • How does Bamboo help our firm to grow?
    Bamboo will acquire your firm for a nominal sum and following approval from the SRA for change of control will become its owner. You will form a new company and this will employ your staff, lease your premises, own your brand and contract with your former firm who will continue to provide the systems and services that you need. Then you will continue to grow your business, employ staff, serve clients, build brand value and culture. You'll be able to realise that value on your terms when you choose to exit.
  • Will we keep our brand?
    Yes. Powered by Bamboo is all about enabling your firm to continue to grow, but without the day to day operational distractions of "running a law firm". So the name of your firm belongs to you and is yours to keep or change.
  • Can Bamboo help fund growth?
    Yes. With a business plan to support your direction of travel we can arrange access to finance. Bamboo also have preferred supplier relationships to help with different aspects of sales and marketing for lawyers and law firms. Some of those relationships are featured in Bamboo +. Access to Bamboo + is via the link in the footer of this website. ⬇️
  • What's the process to buy my firm?
    We will do some initial high level due diligence and make an indicative offer subject to full due diligence. We'll do that in a Heads of Terms document. Our approach to valuation depends on your requirements. For instance a rapid departure - like a clean break - will affect valuation. Conversely, a desire to use our approach to manage an exit over a period of 2-3 years means we can look to share the value that is created throughout that period. We like to value a firm by reference to profit or what accountants call EBITDA and then to pay a multiple of that in an agreed way. But whatever structure when the deal completes we'll take ownership and any continued role you have will be factored into what happens next.
  • Will powered by Bamboo result in a successor practice for my firm?
    Maybe. That depends. Bamboo may acquire your firm in which case it will continue as a regulated law firm in its own right. So we may succeed as owners and assume responsibility for your firm as a whole. There are circumstances were the approach we agree with you means we become a "Successor Practice" as defined by the SRA.
  • I want to retire soon, will you buy my firm outright and let me leave?
    Another maybe, it depends answer. If you are central to your firm, clients and people we'll need an orderly transition. How long that period is can depend on you and how well organised you have been in getting ready to retire. We'll agree not to shackle you a moment longer than needed! We are unlikely to want to buy your firm with no handover, but we don't think many sensible owners would expect that anyone would.
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