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Bamboo Distribution Partners

At Bamboo, we work with a range of distributors to help us to ensure that just at the moment when you’re thinking about starting a law firm you hear about Bamboo and how our law firm operating system can work for you.

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Bamboo Distributors understand our law firm operating system and how it’s an alternative to starting a law firm.  They help us to identify clients who may wish to operate using Bamboo’s regulated law firm operating system to benefit from our platform and additional services.


We have carefully selected our Bamboo Distributors based on their expertise and industry experience, so that they can share their knowledge with our clients. We will refer our clients to them to help with additional needs. 


Bamboo Distributors have a vested interest in the success of any law firm brands we create.  Bamboo shares the revenue generated by law firm brands introduced by its distributors over an extended time frame ensuring alignment of interests.

Introducing our Bamboo distributors:

Advantage Consulting

Advantage Consulting is a leading provider of business consulting for solicitors and law firms in the UK. Its consultants and experts help to solve lawyers’ most complex issues by providing technology, marketing and regulatory support and helping them to meet their stakeholder needs.

Armstrong Watson

Armstrong Watson is a top 30 UK firm recognised as one of the leading firms in the legal sector, evidenced its Law Society endorsement for the provision of accounting services to law firms.  The practice has a 13 strong specialist legal sector team acting for well over 100 firms across the UK every year.

Phillip Lewis

Philip Lewis spent a 30+ year career in banking with a focus on law firms.  Now he is a connector in the legal sector, working with solicitors and legal practices who are interested in a merger or acquisition. Whether it’s support in recruitment, finance or business development, Philip shares his expertise to help make great law firms.

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How to become a Bamboo distributor


We’re always looking to build relationships with thought leaders in the legal sector who can add value to Bamboo as well as their clients and connections. For more information about becoming a Bamboo Distributor, please get in touch for more information.  

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