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Additional Income for Accountants
Backed by Bamboo

You’ve worked hard to build your client relationships, so it’s only right that you want to be able to keep them close, take care of their needs and retain the value from building those relationships. But sometimes referring your clients to lawyers doesn’t always add value to them or to you. So, what if there was a way to maximise your relationships and provide a better experience for your clients?

As an accountant, you can do the structure, the figures, and you have the relationships with solicitors. You may not want to start a regulated law firm from scratch, but there is an alternative way you can ensure your adding value to your clients and services.


At Bamboo, not only do we build value from your client relationships, but we also help to create additional income for accountants. Our white-label platform provides the essential back-office support, regulated processes and people, so you can offer your clients a full range of legal services managed and directed by your own brand.

Why would an accountant use Bamboo?

Bamboo enables accountants to create their own law brands using our law firm operating system. In turn this retains control of your key client relationships and ensures the delivery of the services you and they expect.  No referrals. No loss of control and an additional income stream without regulatory risks. As an accountant, you can manage relationships and you are great at working with clients. So, why not apply your skillset to legal services and offer your clients that single point of contact for all of their advisory needs? 


Bamboo enables you to offer your own branded law services without the costs and hassle of setting up or running a law firm, and with access to back-office services, we can support you in the set up and resourcing of your business. 

Bamboo Additional Income for Accountants

We provide back office support

Bamboo is a full-service, white-label regulated law firm operating system that provides a platform of back office support to accountants who are looking at entering the legal market. Our services support the efficient operation of your law firm’s back office, so you can focus on delivering what you do best while we take care of the rest. Our back-office services include access to an SRA-regulated structure, comprehensive systems and applications needed to run a law firm.

We source the right applications and teams

We understand that you may not have the necessary skills, expertise or knowledge to choose which applications you need to run a successful law service. That’s where Bamboo can help. Our law firm operating system delivers a range of processes and applications, including a safe and secure IT platform that’s SRA-regulated. Our additional services mean we can find the right people and even the lawyers to deliver legal services to your clients all under your brand.

Why choose Bamboo to help set up your law brand?

We save you time and money

We save you the time, money, and hassle involved with starting your own law practice. Bamboo’s back office support has been set up to either work right out of the box or can be configured to create a bespoke toolkit tailored to your firm, team and clients.

We’re flexible

Bamboo is a flexible law firm operating system.  Our platform can be adapted to fit the structure of your business. We can configure Bamboo to your operating model. Alternatively, Bamboo can be set up to work right out of the box, which means you can benefit from a tried and tested operating model.

Bamboo Additional Income for Accountants

With access to an SRA-regulated structure we assume the regulatory risk for you

Bamboo provides access to an SRA regulated structure, which means your firm will be compliant with the relevant regulations, giving you and your clients peace of mind.  Our Business Quality approach means that you can demonstrate high standards to your clients.

Add value to your client relationships

We help accountants to maximise relationships with clients by providing them with a  unified brand to access accounting and legal services, which saves them time and money, and the hassle of looking elsewhere.

Create an additional revenue stream

By adding value to your client relationships, we create an additional revenue stream for you. Bamboo enables you to offer more services to your clients and give you an extra income in return.

Increase your income with Bamboo


Get in touch to find out how Bamboo creates an additional income for accountants, and how you can benefit from our bespoke services and back-office support to strengthen your client relationships.

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