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Grow Your Law Firm
Backed by Bamboo

In business we need to embrace change and the legal sector is no exception to this rule. As the managing partner or leadership team of an existing law firm, you need to be able to adjust and adapt to changing market conditions, client expectations and the aspirations of your colleagues.   

Your future may look very different to your past.  What has got you here may not get you where you want to go.  Maybe you are fed up with managing operations and support services, renewing PI Insurance, dealing with regulations and have stopped doing what you love - advising clients.


Bamboo can help you focus while continuing to benefit from the advanced features backed by Bamboo. With an approach that favours evolution over revolution we'll skilfully migrate your existing people and systems to use the power of Bamboo - flexible, scalable and sustainable. You'll be free to advise clients, build you brand and grow your firm without the worries or risks of running a law firm.


This is where Bamboo can assist. Find out how you can benefit from being powered by Bamboo to deliver optionality for your firm’s strategic planning.

How we support existing law firms

We will work with you to acquire your firm, transferring back to you the client base, your people, your brand and leaving you to continue to build your culture your way. We'll carefully and sensitively transition your firm to benefit from Bamboo's unique operating system - supporting you and your people along the way.


Provide options to future-proof growth

We support law firms by providing access to strategic advice and an operating system to back it up. We use our extensive expertise and knowledge in the legal industry to help you plan and implement your strategy to create the flexible practice you need to adapt to future opportunities and uncertainties.


We’ll work with you to ensure your team receives adequate training and development support so that your firm has the right skills and people it needs to thrive.

Focus on people and clients

Just one of the many benefits of our law firm operating system is the focus it enables on the things that make you different to any other law firm. Your people and your clients. Without the distraction of PI renewal, choosing and maintaining systems and hiring cashiers and other support staff you can focus on building your practice backed by Bamboo.

Our flexible law firm operating system can be deployed as a platform where the limits are set by your vision and imagination and nothing else.

And then when you are ready and at a time you choose you can plan your exit or how to retire with Bamboo's help.

Why choose Bamboo?

We’re flexible

One of the main benefits of Bamboo is that we're flexible. Our law firm operating system has been designed to provide a configurable regulated law firm back office solution to support the efficient operation of your firm.


We’ll understand your strategy, design an implementation project with you and configure our platform to create a bespoke toolkit and infrastructure to suit your firm, team and clients. 

We’re experienced

Our advisory team has significant experience in professional services and law firm management. We use our knowledge of setting up and managing a variety of platforms and professional services, both in the UK and internationally, to help you scenario plan and manage transitions in your firm.

We continue access to an SRA-regulated structure

Bamboo ensures your firm remains SRA regulated, which means you and your clients can be confident that you’re delivering quality legal services that meet client and regulator expectations.


Looking to grow your law firm, your way? 

If you’re on the cusp of making a change in your law firm, we can provide advice and guidance to help you move forward. Get in touch to learn more about our law firm operating system and how we can help you plan and implement your strategy to focus and get back to what you love.

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