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Exit your law firm on your terms
Backed by Bamboo 

You want to plan for your exit or to sell your law firm soon. It's been your life's work and now it's time for a change and to realise the value from your hard work. You're committed to your colleagues and clients and want a sound future for them all.

Whether you are the owners in an established firm or are the principal of your own practice, Bamboo lets you retire and exit on your own terms. We are experienced buyers of professional services businesses. We have access to funding that enables us to offer bespoke and flexible terms to owners ready to sell now or over two or three years. We'll even share the upside with you!

How can Bamboo help you to exit on your terms?

 Our Freedom in Retirement approach, means you are in control of how and when you exit your practice.  We enable unlimited choice of exits and maximise your income and capital returns. After all they’re your clients and this is your life!


We acquire your firm

We don't mess about. We know what we need to find out about your business. Once we have the information we'll make an offer and get on with it. 

Wherever possible we want to retain your brand not "absorb" you into someone else's disrupting clients and colleagues in the process.

We operate to the highest standards

We believe in regulation and standards.  We don’t just talk the talk.  This means we look to acquire well run law firms and to build on solid foundations.


Our law firm operating system has quality at its heart so you can be sure that your firm will be in good company. We're doing a lot more than paying lip service to compliance.

We offer you various options to how and when you retire.

Stopping work, no longer advising clients and the removal of everything that's familiar may suit some who want a clean break on retirement. And that's fine!

We also know you have lots of experience. Having decided to sell you may then want to support clients through a consultancy relationship. We can also offer you a part to play in Bamboo's acquisition team or it's alumni to work with existing law brands sustained by Bamboo. So let's talk and design the next steps together

Why choose Bamboo to buy your law firm

Bamboo gives you complete flexibility


Bamboo puts you in charge of your life and career. Our approach to the Bamboo Marketplace means we can give you flexibility, allowing you take control of the next stage of your life - a complete clean break exit or an ongoing involvement on terms to suit.


Bamboo saves you time, money and hassle

We think you are experienced. You love the law and advising clients and now you are at that later stage of your career you don’t want to compromise.  You don't want to mess around and you want clarity on what's next.


If that’s the case, then Bamboo makes offers it sticks with provided your firm is as you describe and can move very quickly to complete transactions. Saving time, money and wasted effort while giving clarity and certainty for you, your colleagues and clients.


Ready to retire or plan an exit?


Your name, your brand, your reputation.  When, where and how you work and when where and how you stop are all in your sole control.  We think that’s how it should be.


If you’re ready to slow down or want to plan y our exit, get in touch to find out how we can support you to lead the life you want.

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