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Accountancy Services for Law Brands

Sound finances are the bedrock of a well-run business. You need to know where you stand, make sure you are paying salaries correctly and handle business and personal tax matters.


As part of our legal back-office support, we provide high-quality and efficient accountancy services to help law firms manage their payroll and taxes.

Accountancy services we offer


Find out more about our accountancy services for law firms below. Our team will help you to implement and manage the services as part of setting up your back-office.

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Ensuring your staff are paid on time is one of the many obligations you need to meet as a legal business owner. At Bamboo, we have expert and qualified accountants, and robust back-office support to manage your payroll and ensure your employees are not only paid on time but to assess annual salaries and arrange for taxes to be paid on their behalf.

Personal tax and business tax


As part of our accountancy services for law firms, our highly-qualified accountants help to keep you compliant with tax laws by managing and paying your personal and business taxes. We take care of calculating payroll taxes and submitting returns for your employees, as well as keeping up with tax code changes that affect your services and business. 


Our reputable accountants


At Bamboo, we have chosen to work with the Law Society’s accredited accountants, Armstrong Watson, to deliver these services to our platform partners.  You can be sure that they know how the Bamboo law firm operating system works because they are also an authorised distributor.

Get in touch


Contact us to find out more about our accountancy services for law firms, and how we can help manage your finances efficiently and effectively. Our team of accountants are ready to discuss your accountancy needs and how our services can benefit your legal business.

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