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Our Team

Everything we do for our clients is powered by Bamboo.  Bamboo is powered by it's people. So we are delighted to introduce our team to you.

Michael Burne
Founder & CEO

Michael had the idea for Bamboo while looking at the "intel inside" sticker on his laptop. Having already started a law firm, Carbon Law Partners, Michael knew the challenges for new starts. Added to this his career in other regulated professional services firms had taught him how hard it was to scale and exit. Owners often required to be like a "Swiss Army Knife" and having to be a "Jack of all trades".

Bamboo has been shaped by the team to enable new start law firms to come into existence without the barriers to entry but with all the standards and qualities client's expect. 

Carbon Law Background.jpg

"We didn’t want to run a law firm – we wanted experts to do that for us.  That’s where Bamboo comes in, leaving us free to build a brand, attract Partners and service our clients’ needs.”

Neville Catton

Founder Partner

Carbon Law Partners

Neville Catton Carbon Law.jpg
Unique Solutions Background.jpg

Unique Solutions Legal

Unique Solutions Legal is a new law firm created by Gabriella Guinnes to provide personal legal services to clients.


"I chose to build my law brand using Bamboo because it was faster, cheaper and better than doing it myself. The platform was built for our firm in 4 weeks and works perfectly.”

Gabriella Guinnes, MD & Founder, Unique Solutions Legal

Hooper Hyde

Hooper Hyde was created by Catherine Hyde to provide commercial and dispute resolution advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

“I’ve wanted to start my own law firm for a while, but have been put off by PI renewals, setting up systems and running a law firm finance function. The Bamboo platform allows me to stick to what I’m good at: legal work and building and managing relationships, whilst the experienced Bamboo team handles the compliance, quality, systems and insurance in the background. It’s a win-win!”

Catherine Hyde, Founder, Hooper Hyde


Newport Land and Law

Newport Land and Law was founded by Anna and Clive Newport in 2017 as a specialist property and private client legal firm.


“Newport Land and Law do Property and Private Client Law, and we do it extremely well.  Over the last 5 years, our award-winning business has been recognised for its incredible client service and its technical expertise.  We are the human face of conveyancing.  We wanted to grow our offering in a space where we and our clients could be safe, and when we looked around the market for someone to partner with, one name stood out.  Bamboo really gets us, and they really get what we want to do as a firm.  Newport Land and Law have never felt happier or more secure.  Now we can get on with the stuff that we are good at knowing that Bamboo has our backs."

Anna Newport, MD, Newport Land and Law Ltd

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