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Starting Your Own Law Practice
Backed by Bamboo

If you have ideas about how legal services should be delivered, then why not start your own law practice?

Whether you’re starting your own law practice under a new brand or leveraging your existing brand, we have the resources and back office support that make it easy to start and grow your new offering. All you need is a credible business plan and we’ll build your infrastructure so you can build a brand and reputation for high quality legal services. 

How can Bamboo help make your business vision a reality?

Bamboo is a regulated law brand operating system that enables you to start your own law practice without the costs, risks and hassle of setting up a new law firm or running one.

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Provide back office support

As a regulated law brand operating system, Bamboo is a full-service, white-label regulated platform for businesses that want to enter the legal market. We provide an SRA-regulated structure and back office support including comprehensive systems and applications, such as a robust IT platform and approach to business quality, to ensure you operate efficiently and effectively.

Additional Services 

In addition to building your law brand using our regulated law firm operating system, Bamboo gives you access to a wide range of other useful carefully-considered services to help make your law practice a success. Not only do we create a bespoke toolkit and infrastructure that is a precise fit for your brand, your team and your clients, but we can help you access everything you need to make the journey successful.

Market your business

As part of our services, we offer specialist marketing support. From marketing your law brand to setting up your social media channels, we can help build your brand and get it noticed.

Why use Bamboo to help you set up your law brand

We build your regulated law brand for you

We save you time, money, and hassle involved with starting your own law practice. Bamboo’s back office support has been set up to either work right out of the box or can be configured to create a bespoke toolkit tailored to your brand, team and clients.

With access to an SRA-regulated structure we assume the regulatory risk for you

Bamboo provides access to an SRA regulated structure, which means your new law brand will be compliant with the relevant regulations, giving you and your clients peace of mind.  Our Business Quality approach means that you can demonstrate these high standards to your clients.

Our expertise in the legal industry

As thought leaders and industry experts, we’re best placed to give advice on setting up a law practice in the UK. We have significant experience of setting up law practices and managing professional services firms in the UK and internationally. We know what resources you need to get your law brand off the ground and we’re also confident in our knowledge of laws and regulations so you can navigate them safely with our help.


Set up your law brand


Starting your own law practice doesn’t have to be a pipe dream – we have the tools to execute it and make it a reality. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you with setting up a new law brand or establishing a practice as part of your existing brand.

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