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Bamboo for Retiring Lawyers

When a partner leaves a law firm, it’s usually because they agreed to “retire” at a certain date. But what if you’re not ready to leave the legal sector completely and say goodbye to your clients?

Whether you are a partner in a large firm or are the principal of your own practice, Bamboo lets you retire on your own terms. Our regulated law firm operating system provides a platform (much like what you are used to) of support and services.  This allows you to do legal work when and wherever you choose and maintain your client relationships without having the hassle of managing a law firm.

How can Bamboo help you to continue your legal career?

Bamboo provides you with all the essential facilities you’d find in a top law firm, enabling you to work from wherever you choose. Our Freedom in Retirement approach, means you are in control of how and when you wind down your practice.  We enable unlimited choice of exits and maximise your income and capital returns. After all they’re your clients and this is your life!


We manage the back office for you

We run the regulated law firm and so take the stress away by managing your back office for you. From our robust IT platform, arranging your authorisation and PI insurance, to providing a full legal cashiering and credit control service, Bamboo can take care of it all, leaving you to focus on your relationships and to continue delivering legal advice to your clients.

We operate to the highest standards

We believe in regulation and standards.  We don’t just talk the talk.  We have designed a sector-leading approach to maintaining standards and so confidence for you and your clients in how you work.  Our law firm operating system has quality at its heart so you can be sure that you're doing a lot more than paying lip service to compliance.

We offer consultancy and regulatory support

We act as small law firm consultants for boutique law firms. Our knowledgeable team has the expertise to advise and guide you in setting up your own law firm, and the essentials you need to be able to deliver your legal services efficiently to your clients. We’ll also advise on what insurances you will need to operate legally and provide assurance for your clients. 

Why choose Bamboo to manage your legal career

Bamboo gives you complete flexibility


Bamboo puts you in charge of your life and career. Our law firm operating system delivers a  comprehensive platform of back-office support services. Giving you complete flexibility, allowing you take control of your career by providing you the essential resources and tools to work wherever and whenever you choose.   


Bamboo saves you time, money, and hassle

We think you are experienced. You love the law and advising clients and now you are at that later stage of your career you don’t want to compromise.  You also don’t want to run a law firm or get bogged down in office politics or egos.


If that’s the case, then Bamboo offers a cost-effective solution where you can still keep your client relationships, independence and control but hand over the stress of managing a firm to us.


Not yet ready to retire?


Your name, your brand, your reputation.  When, where and how you work and when where and how you really retire and all in your sole control.  We think that’s how it should be.


If you’re not ready to slow down just yet, get in touch to find out how we can support you to lead the life you want.

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