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Bamboo and Legl partner to streamline client onboarding

Bamboo and Legl, a leading legal technology provider, are pleased to announce their partnership. Bamboo Law, is a forward-thinking platform focused on balancing technology with efficiency, freeing up lawyers to focus on the law and their clients.

Bamboo leverages technology to our platform law firms with essential tools such as cashiering, regulation and compliance, and professional indemnity to deliver legal matters. In one of its latest projects, the Bamboo team aims to streamline the onboarding process and enhance the overall client experience by leveraging Legl’s user-friendly platform for the management of complex and important tasks.

The company was searching for a partner that could offer an all-in-one solution for Bamboo’s clients’ onboarding needs without the need for multiple technologies. For Bamboo, Legl's platform stood out due to its ability to provide all the defined key features in an easy-to-use and manageable way, making it a viable choice for the partnership and minimising the number of technologies needed.

The partnership's driving force is not only the compatibility of the two companies' technologies but also their shared values and commitment to improving their businesses.

Kieren Windsor, Bamboo's Platform Services Director
Kieren Windsor, Bamboo's Platform Services Director

Kieren Windsor, Platform Services Director at Bamboo, is enthusiastic about dovetailing the functionality of the Legl system with other key providers, such as their chosen practice management solution, Actionstep. This interaction between the two technologies will continue to evolve over time as well. For Kieren, “this mutual drive for growth and development has allowed both companies to benefit from each other's expertise and dedication to innovation. But it’s much more than that for us. Bamboo is driving growth across its law brands and the tech solutions need to be embraced by all users - users who are lawyers and our support teams too.”

Speaking on the partnership, Zach White, Head of Client Success at Legl, says, “This partnership is a great example of how we as Legl are invested in providing positive business outcomes for our clients. With Bamboo's alternative business model, compared with a typical law firm, we have been able to identify and develop new ways of working within the Legl platform.”

Zach White
Zach White - Legl's Head of Customer Success

Ultimately, Bamboo’s decision to partner with Legl came down to two factors: one, the product needed to be embraced by Bamboo’s lawyers as much as by their clients, and two, the people behind the Legl product. To the first point, Bamboo required a platform that enhanced the experience clients have when engaging with their lawyers across all of Bamboo’s law brands.

And two, Bamboo recognised the value in Legl's team, who are open-minded to feedback and willing to continually develop their platform to better serve their clients. The beauty in simplicity, combined with a shared passion for continuous improvement, makes this partnership a natural fit for both companies.

Kieren continued “I'd say that as with any change in process, in any organisation, the products need to clearly demonstrate that there will be a benefit to all users of adopting, not resisting the change. Legl is so simple and it undeniably improves many existing processes.”

About Legl

Legl is a platform that is uniquely tailored to the legal industry, designed to help law firms improve cash flow, streamline processes and create an excellent client experience. It provides law firms with modular, and flexible workflows so you can tailor processes across different practice areas, client types or risk profiles and also harnesses rich data insight to inform business strategy and decision-making, whilst enabling better risk management through our dashboards that provide insights and audit trails for both individual and business clients

About Bamboo

Bamboo enables law firms to start, grow and exit. For new start law brands its white-label platform enables lawyers and non-lawyers to establish a firm using an SRA-regulated structure. They can do so on their own terms, under their own brand. Bamboo offers a successor practice option to law firm owners not ready to retire and a full exit option through acquisitions where brand names and culture are retained. These law firms are referred to as “platform law firms.”


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