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  • Michael Burne

Bamboo’s innovative solution for ABS law brands featured in Legal Futures

Following our exciting brand launch and the successful onboarding of our first platform clients, Bamboo’s innovative solution for ABS law firms has been featured in legal industry publication, Legal Futures.

Supporting ABS law firm start ups

Bamboo’s Chief Executive, Michael Burne, spoke with Legal Futures about the development of the Bamboo concept, our ambitions for growth and how making the most of ABS requires the use of a platform model such as Bamboo to enact the change the introduction of the format was intended to deliver.

To learn more about how Bamboo supports start up ABS law brands, or how our innovative platform gives lawyers the freedom to maximise fees while minimising operations, contact us.

Michael Burne was speaking to Legal Futures on 15th July 2021.


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