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  • Michael Burne

Martini Working - Anytime, Any Place, Any Where

COVID-19 is not just a virus, but a catalyst. In the past year, it’s changed when, where and how we work and left many considering what it would be like to go back to the office and if they want to go back at all.

The Catalyst

Having left behind the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment for the quiet and comfort of our own homes, lockdown has significantly changed the way in which we work and arguably allowed us more freedom in how we approach our practices and clients. With flexible resourcing and digital platforms replacing the rigid structures and micromanagement often found in corporate law firms, the pandemic has proved that legal work can continue with clicks not bricks, and for some, this method of operation may be preferred.

The Choice

We are all volunteers in what we do and working from home has only confirmed that we can change and control our working conditions.

A recent report investigating the impact remote working has had on the legal industry found that 77% of legal workers believe the lockdown has shown they can effectively work from home, with 44% said to be “dreading going back to the workplace”.

And, if this is the case, why go back?

The lockdown has demonstrated that you can work and you can continue to serve clients in a world where people don’t physically go into the office and you don’t physically meet people.

The Change

The requirement to work remotely has had a knock-on effect, with lawyers already tired of the traditional law firm model looking to make their at-home office a permanent working environment. Yet, with corporate law firms eager to get back to their traditional ways of working, the pandemic has caused many to consider setting up their own boutique law firm, in the hopes of finding true flexibility in their work.

The Bamboo Platform

The transition from lawyer to business owner can be challenging, as the economies of running a law firm can leave little time for you to focus on advising your clients and building your practices. That’s why we created the Bamboo platform.

Bamboo provides a platform and community for lawyers to build your own brand upon. With full back-office support and a robust IT platform, Bamboo enables lawyers to focus solely on developing your own practices and client relationships. The Bamboo Hub Team provides comprehensive support from day one, so you won’t have to juggle business operations with client needs. Best of all, we actively encourage you to have flexibility and take ownership of your work.

With Bamboo, it will be out with the traditional structure of a corporate law firm and in with the flexible platform that will enable you to deliver high quality legal advice to your clients.


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