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  • Michael Burne

Is AI taking over the legal sector?

I love gadgets and technology, though nowadays, who doesn’t? Whether you’re in the workplace or at home, it’s likely you’ll be surrounded by or using some sort of technology. It’s become a necessity to everyday living.

The Rise of Technology

Even in the legal sector, where new technology and ways of working have been shunned for years, change is happening. Just as the Rogers Adoption Curve demonstrates, laggards are becoming innovators and re-entering the market with new methods of operation.

One of the most written about new things in the law industry is AI or Artificial Intelligence, which is a software capable of performing tasks that would usually be completed by humans. Able to analyse past data to predict future outcomes, assess risk and evaluate legal fee estimates, AI is quickly spreading through law firms as the latest must-have technology. And, in an industry as naturally formulaic as the legal sector, I imagine this is just the beginning of the uses of AI.

Using Technology to Advance

While the value of technology is undeniable in the workplace, so too is the importance of human performance. Yet, clients aren’t paying for the latest technology or human interaction, but a comprehensive service that will provide them with results.

By using AI to support their own practices, lawyers can provide clients with more confidence in the services they’re delivering. And, with AI automating processes that would normally be completed by humans, lawyers can deliver better service to their clients and achieve an overall more efficient business structure.

With technology becoming vital to progression in the legal market, law firms are now faced with the challenge of integrating and operating new systems without impacting the delivery of client services.

The Bamboo Platform

The Bamboo platform provides an efficient, scalable and adaptable platform, making it easy to meet the changing needs of the legal sector. With a flexible IT platform and a full range of comprehensive systems and applications, Bamboo enables law firms to operate efficiently and effectively. We even handle all back-office processes, so lawyers can focus on developing client relationships and legal practices.

Whether you’re an established law firm looking to implement new technology or a new entrant trying to establish a balanced business model, join Bamboo, where you’ll find all the support you need to navigate the latest technology and begin your journey as an early adopter in the legal sector.


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