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  • Michael Burne

The New Career Path for Retiring Lawyers

Are you a lawyer ready to retire?

For many lawyers, the reality of retiring can be challenging to face. Having dedicated their lives to developing their skills, establishing their reputation and working towards becoming a partner in a firm, retirement can feel like the end of an era and leave lawyers with one question hanging over their heads: What next?

Used to the fast paced, quick thinking lifestyle of a lawyer, many rely on their careers to give them a sense of purpose, viewing their title and position as a key part of their identity. When this happens, it’s common for lawyers to feel a sense of personal loss when they retire, putting their sense of self-worth at risk.

That’s why, to avoid this happening, it’s vital that lawyers approaching retirement have an exit plan in place.

The value of an exit plan

Approaching retirement can often feel like the end of the line. All other stops have been made along the way and it’s time to let someone else take your place. But, that’s not to say there isn’t another train you can jump on.

With an exit plan, you can consider what exactly you want to do when you retire as a lawyer. Whether you want to travel to new places, embark on a new career path or continue practicing as a lawyer, an exit plan will enable you to make these choices and put the required steps in place. After all, the purpose of an exit plan is to provide retiring lawyers with both choice and reassurance.

Optionality for retiring lawyers

For lawyers who aren’t ready to retire from the legal sector and are looking for a way to extend their career, the Bamboo Platform could be the next step in their exit plan.

The Bamboo Platform is a law firm operating system, which enables retiring or retired lawyers to continue offering their services to clients through their very own law firm. Acting as a platform of back-office support, Bamboo can allow you to take back control of your career by providing you with everything you need to maintain your client relationships for as long as you desire.

At Bamboo, our Freedom in Retirement approach means you choose when and how you retire. If you want to simply decrease your working hours and employ a manager to run the day-to-day operation of your law firm, you can do just that and continue to earn from your shares. Or, if you feel ready to retire completely and want someone to take over your clients and firm, we can help you to monetise and sell your firm, all through the Bamboo Platform.

So, if you’re interested in continuing your career in the legal sector and would like to find out more about the optionality we provide at Bamboo, feel free to get in touch.


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